JOCK and the BEANSTACK  Stacking supermarket shelves Jock dreams of being an Accountant.  Then an accident takes him to a world of beanstalks, golden eggs and giant laughs. 
CINDERELLA  Lots of twists on the classic tale; starts with the three witches of Macbeth and can have four ugly sisters.
SNOW WHITE 2: revenge of the dwarves   A sequel that has the Evil Queen trying to rescue Snow White from the dwarves. 
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ALADDIN  “New phones for old!  New phones for old!” Brought right up to date with App the genie of the magic phone. 
Pantomimes Hugely funny, with own songs included
Bags and gags of humour  	to entertain cast, staff and audience 	Original songs 		relevant and fun to sing 		Large numbers 			involve many pupils
available in two formats: Half-hour: easy-stage with narrators One Hour: one-act full show STAGE-PROVEN to family audiences
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