DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - Synopsis A deliciously dark comic musical millionaire shortbread will never taste the same again. (copyright CAST Musicals, all rights reserved)  The Women’s Rural is under threat.  And just when their benefactor, old Mr Brown, arrives with legal papers giving them their hall to ensure their survival, he dies.  If only they could register the papers before anyone knew he was dead then his nephew Kevin wouldn’t inherit and sell the land.  The musical can be performed with a minimum of 5m and 15f.  However it is envisaged to allow for large casts with up to 35 speaking roles of whom 10 are male and up to 10 are “teenagers” (including at least 1 male).  The sets alternate back to the Rural Hall which can be fixed with others inset or front of curtain.  Orchestration is Strings (on keyboard), Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, Drums. Click to return to  Musicals Click to go to NEXT PAGE
Act 1:  Innocence Suborned Scene 1: The Kings Head - Wednesday evening In the pub Kevin (Mr Brown’s nephew) meets Jim, the Council planning officer. “When Friday Comes” - Kevin Scene 2: The Rural Hall - Friday morning The Rural’s Friday market is in full swing, however the ladies are troubled. “When Friday Comes” - The Rural, Chorus Mr Brown, Rural benefactor and owner of their hall arrives with good news.  Feeling unwell he retires to the kitchen with Alice and Betty and sadly passes away. “When Friday Comes” (reprise) How could he die?  What if they killed him?  And where are the documents he was bringing? Scene 3:  Outside the Rural - Friday lunchtime Paul and Bill (developers) meet Jim, Kevin and wife Maxine. “Rich” - Paul, Maxine, Jim, Kevin, Bill   Scene 4:  Rural Hall - Friday lunchtime Claris, Rural Chair takes charge to raise their “Dunkirk” spirit. “Land Girls” - The Rural Betty finds the documents; Mr Brown’s intentions become clear. Scene 5:  School Gym Dance Class  - Friday lunchtime Her friends conspire for Claire to borrow her mum’s keys to the Rural hall. Scene 6:  Rural Hall - Friday afternoon Jim arrives to serve his eviction notice. Scene 7:  Andrew’s Office, Jenny’s House - Friday afternoon Jenny calls her ex-husband for legal advice. “Together” - Jenny & Andrew; Patsy & Jim, Kevin & Maxine, Chorus Scene 8:  Kevin’s House - Friday evening Maxine keeps pushing Kevin to get the land. Scene 9:  Jenny’s House - Saturday morning Jenny has been up all night worrying, Claire reminds her about the line-dancers who are using the hall. Scene 10:  Rural Hall - Saturday morning The line-dancers have borrowed the Rural Hall and will arrive any minute. “Shroud In The Cloud” - Chorus
Scene 11:  Restaurant, Pub, Homes, Hall - Saturday night Paul is dining with Maxine; the men are down the pub; the Rural women are at home unable to sleep.  Then Claire and friends sneak into the Rural Hall to hold a birthday party for Robbie, who Claire fancies - however Robbie knows nothing of this. “Women!” - Jim, Kevin, Men, Rural, Teenagers Act 2:  Guilty Pleasures Scene 1:  Church - Sunday morning “Hear My Plea” - Chorus, Jenny/Patsy Scene 2:  Outside Church - Sunday lunchtime The Ladies are exhausted by lack of sleep and decide to return to the Rural for coffee. Scene 3:  Outside, inside the Rural Hall - Sunday lunchtime Filled with guilt the Ladies return to find the mess.  Jenny suspects that Claire had the keys. “Off Again” - Patsy, Rene/Olive, Jenny, Claire, Claris, Chorus   Inset scene: Jenny’s House At home: Claire admits to her mum that it was her fault and tells of the trick her friends played. In the Hall: Detective Constable Crawley arrives looking into the whereabouts of Mr Brown. Scene 4:  Riventon Golf Course - Sunday afternoon Kevin is no better at golf than at getting the land. Scene 5: Jenny’s House - Sunday evening Exhausted Jenny falls into a troubled sleep. “The Cut” - Jenny, Andrew, Maxine, Crawley, Claris, Chorus Scene 6: Kevin’s House - Monday morning Detective Crawley interviews Kevin.  Then Maxine gives Kevin an ultimatum. Scene 7: The Rural Hall - Monday to Friday Somehow the Rural have to keep it together while the wait for Friday to come. “Five Long Days” - Chorus, Jenny, Patsy, Olive, Claris Friday at last and salvation.  Then Kevin turns up. “When Friday Comes” - Chorus
People who had seen our try-out stopped us in the street to say how much they had laughed and had come back to see it a second time!  By far the best first run we’ve ever had.